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Call Centre Frustrations May Cause Customers to Buy Elsewhere

I recently came across an article in Contact Center World, entitled "Call Center Frustrations May Cause Consumers to Shop Elsewhere". That may seem like a statement of the obvious but its one which ...
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By : Jason Evans / 23 June, 2011 /

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Law firm finds WAN optimisation key to data centre consolidation

Bandwidth limitations and latency have become a common way of life for WAN managers who can’t afford an upgrade, but virtualization and data centre consolidation are forcing many IT shops to confront ...
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By : Jason Evans / 22 June, 2011 /

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The Great WAN Debate - Bandwidth vs Optimisation

When assessing the performance impact of increasing WAN Bandwidth against implementing WAN Optimisation, you really do need to consider ALL of the variables.
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By : Jason Evans / 21 June, 2011 /

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