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7 reasons not to host your Microsoft server on-premise

By : Jess Jepson / 20 July, 2015 /

If you're still investing in servers for your office then it's going to be a long road.

Modern businesses need to 'think cloud' at every possible opportunity and ultimately plan to take all on-premise servers off-site into a data centre location.

Microsoft Server is an 'on-premise' classic, typically the default deployment is on a big juicy server in your office IT cabinet. However times have changed and with super fast fibre internet now being available in most business locations cloud is the new server cabinet!

So let's explore some fine reasons not to deploy your next Windows Server in the office:

  1. It's a hugely valuable asset, secure it in the cloud away from theft or damage
  2. If your power goes down in the office the server is unreachable, deploy it in the cloud and users can access it from anywhere
  3. Virtualisation provides much more resilience security, in the office you can't get the best of these tools
  4. There is less chance your server will contract a virus if it's off-site
  5. Cloud data centres invest hundreds of thousands of pounds in firewalls and security, you're less likely to get compromised by a hacker
  6. It's more environmentally friendly hosting your servers in the cloud, go on, be nice to our world
  7. Save your cash, cloud servers are often pay per month so you can keep your cash in the bank for longer helping your business to grow.

So if you're looking for a Cloud Computing supplier and would like to host your servers in the cloud talk to our Cloud Team at Denwa.

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